July 12th demo – Vicki Norman – Big Flowers (Oils)

So we’ve all done it. Looked at a vase of lovely flowers picked from the garden, dumped in a vase, shoved on the table and thought, you know I’m going to paint that. We’ve tweaked the petals a bit, ignored the pile of stuff on the table as we’re going to add some background later,…

(Rewind) Life Drawing Workshop with Sean Counley August 2018

So I hadn’t put my name down for this because I didn’t think it was my thing. I tend to do landscapes and abstracts, very rarely draw living things, have a problem with things moving, and yes, that does include breathing. However at one point there didn’t seem to be much take-up and we panicked,…

June 14th Demo – Richard Crabtree :Landscape in Oils

Hagley Art Club is a broad church, we have members who paint in oils, watercolours, pastels, graphite, perspex and any kind of mixed media and this is illustrated by a broad choice of professionals invited to address our monthly meetings. However, this last Friday’s demonstration was traditional with a capital T; idyllic pastoral landscape in…

May 17th demo – Chinese painting with Glynis Wilson

There’s something particularly unique about Chinese Brush Painting. it seems so different from Western art, so intricate, so specialised, so mysterious. And of course, that’s because it is. So anyone who has (like me) looked at it and thought, mm, I wouldn’t mind having a go at that, just pick myself up one of those…

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