News Update August 2021

August sees us back at St Saviours after a very long time but also sadly the last time, as we move to our new venue and our new evening i.e the 2nd Monday in the month at Hagley Community Centre.

But for this one last night only come and see Mark Warner delivering ‘Still life and Courageous Colour’ Friday 13th August at St. Saviours Church Hall, Hagley

Members – free entrance Guests £5

April Update 2021

March and April saw the club hosting several zoom presented demonstrations.

On March 18th the club was able to host a wonderful Zoom demonstration by Catherine Beale , well known for her lovely dreamy portraits in watercolour. Although we had a portrait artist earlier in the year, Peter Keegan, his work is in oils and It was fascinating to see how the artists’ methods differed so much from each other but seeing the likeness emerge in each was equally magical.

Our April demonstration was completely different with local artist Sean Counley; demonstrating the use of coloured pencil within Fantasy Art, and an image of an amazing dragon, with wings, claws and scaly skin in amazing detail.. Sometimes it is thought that coloured pencils cannot compete with other mediums to produce a picture with vivid colours, and this demonstration definitely belied that. However the most interesting thing about the session was Sean’s skill in explaining and detailing the actual techniques needed to produce an expert picture. Not for the faint-hearted or the impatient, there clearly is a great deal more to this medium than simply purchasing a set of pencil crayons!

The Annual General Meeting was held on 12th March as a Zoom meeting and was well attended with 30 participants. The committee was re-elected with no change of personnel and the winners of the Members vote was announced as the following

Tony Osbourne: Reflecting

Graham Lockett: A Rest in Shallow Water

Ann Becke: Blowing in the Wind

March Update 2021

So as we recognise the strangest year in living memory, the year of Covid 19, as a club we are beginning to adjust to our “new normal” with online exhibitions and zoom demonstrations. We are glad we have survived and want to look forward to a more “normal normal” as the weather improves, lockdown starts to loosen and we all clutch our fully vaccinated arms. With this in mind we are hoping to stage a new, although still online, Summer Freedom Exhibition to hopefully celebrate better things to come. As an interim exhibition, we are making this a smaller, themed event, the theme being freedom, which can be interpreted however you wish.

You may submit up to two pictures, with a title, to explain your theme and can be in any medium or any size. They can be put up for sale but don’t have to be. You must be a fully paid-up member but there will be no fees and all sales will have to be negotiated between artist and purchaser with no input from the club other than the passing on expressions of interest. Members will be sent an email invitation with details

So that is the future to look forward to but; to the immediate past, the online exhibition demonstrated a very wide range of talent within the membership and the external judge awarded certificates to the following artists: Mel Adams, Sheila Hill, Bob Mark-Lister Haywood, Graham Lockett, Graham Madders, and Tony Osbourne. (The individual titles appear in January’s update)

In edition a members vote was held and three members were selected all having the same number of votes. These were:

Ann Beck for her mixed media piece – Blowing in the Wind

Graham Lockett’s beautiful animal portrait – A Rest in Shallow Water

Tony’Osbourne’s iconic canal scene – Reflecting

Future Demonstrations

Zoom demonstrations have been popular and will continue until after the June demonsration but as lockdown eases and the opportunity for us to meet again emerges, we hope to return to St Saviours Church Hall for our July demonstrations.

That won’t be the end of Zoom demonstrations though because we are considering returning to this format for the winter period, probably January to March in order to reduce the possibility of bad weather stopping play!

We are hoping to be able to host an exhibition at Russells Hall Hospital in August, this and any other exhibition opportunities will be sent to members in due course.

All these changes as well as any future activities will appear here and on Facebook but members will also be informed by email.

News Update January 2021

As the coronavirus and lockdown continues to impact clubs and organisations like ours, we find ourselves having to embrace modern technology in a way we have never had to consider before.

At this time of year, we usually have a whole year of activities planned and available for art lovers’ diaries but unfortunately, this has been impossible and the times we have had to change dates with our booked artists has become ridiculous. Having made the leap by putting our exhibition online we are trying to transfer as much as we can on to a virtual platform, i.e. using Zoom. Having tried it first with our Appraisal meeting in November we have now branched out into demonstration by Zoom, with our first event, a live demonstration of a portrait in oils by renowned artist Peter
Keegan, on Friday 20th January.

We successfully ran an appraisal evening in November by Zoom and our
Christmas event evaluating the Online Annual Exhibition in December. The annual exhibition is up and running and as yet has no closing date so hopefully, more people will get a chance to view it at exhibition
Members can vote for their favourite picture from the 89 pictures shown. until 28th February 2021 and the winning Members’ Choice will be announced at the AGM in March and be featured in May’s edition of Village News. All being well the AGM will take place on Friday 13th March but again this will be a virtual meeting on the Zoom platform. For more information, please check the Facebook page
or website nearer the time.

The exhibition was judged by local artist ‘DJ’
Johnson who commended the following:
‘Reflecting’ by Tony Osborne
‘The Flamenco Club’ by Mel Adams
‘Light & Shade, Rhodes’ by Graham Madders
‘Fish for Supper’ by Sheila Hill
‘Yachts in Palermo Harbour’ by Graham Locket
‘St. Cuthbert’s St. Kirkudbrig’ by Bob-Marc Haywood -Lister

News Update Feb/March 2021

The club was able to host another wonderful Zoom demonstration in February, this time by our favourite and very popular local artist David “DJ” Johnson who treated us to a brilliant piece of work showing how to depict people in a landscape using either oils or acrylics. It seems incredible to see such a fabulous winter scene created in just two hours and with the possibility of maybe, just maybe, being able to reproduce it yourself!

Fired by our success we will have another zoom presentation for our members, “Portraits in Watercolour” with the artist Catherine Beale on Thursday March 18th and yet another first , that is, our first Online AGM.

We now have the possibility of being able to open the club back up to non members again on hearing the very welcome news that St Saviours Church Hall will be open to the public from May18th. We do have a programme arranged but the change will be too late unfortunately for our booked April and May meetings which will probably continue as Zoom demostrations for members only (details on the website in due course

However if the programme remains unchanged the next demostration open to the public as well as members will be :

Friday June 11th Di Cope Mixed Media – Subject TBA

Friday July 9th Keith Turley Life portrait in Acrylics

Obviously all our plans are subject to change should the government have to alter or postpone their plans but all changes and up-to-date information can be found on our Facebook page and/or website at

Voting for the members’ vote for best picture will have ended on the 28th February and the results will be announced at the AGM which will be held on Friday 12th March on the Zoom platform and appear on our Facebook page and website

The AGM will be relatively short but will give members an opportunity to hear the Chairman’s and Treasurers’ reports and also give input into the club’s future activities if they wish, or just chat about art! Members of the committee will also be voted in at this event.

Remember new members are always welcome; now being a good time to join, with reduced subscriptions, tempting offers, extensive range of professional demonstrations, and a new hobby to undertake without, at the moment, even stepping out of the door

Contact us on

November 2020

As a result of the national Coronavirus lockdown, the physical Members Appraisal on Friday 13th November has, unfortunately, had to be cancelled.

HOWEVER, a virtual appraisal will take place on Friday 20th November, where members’ entries will be appraised by John Maude
Ffinch. Please ensure all entries are in as soon as possible, participants must be members and will be chosen on a first-come, first-served basis.

The event will be transmitted through the Zoom platform, please advise the committee if you would like to view the event by contacting the club through this site or emailing Sue Merrill on . You will then be sent a zoom invitation.

(I know) What You Did Last Summer!

The club has had some activities during the lockdown period; members have met at Trinity Farm in Kinver for informal painting sessions, plenty of room , fresh air and things to paint, there have been two en plein air (outdoor) workshops sessions with artist DJ (David Johnson) at Bodenham Arboretum and by the time this goes to print the Churchill painting group will have started again.

Tony Osbourne
Mike Spencer & Graham Lockett
Maggie Peacock
Mike Spencer
Sallie Gurney
Sue Merrill
Bob Truman

Hello, we’re back! News Update October 2020

It’s been a horrible six months for everyone but now Hagley Art Club has finally decided to dip their toes (or paintbrushes!) in the water and venture out again.

Of course, everything will seem different at first but we are determined to try and make it seem as normal as possible, within the guidelines of course.

To be honest our committee has been back in business for a while, trying out ideas on how we could operate in any way normally, but also safely and within the guidelines. But every time we came up with a plan, the rules changed, and even as I have my fingers poised above the keyboard for the nth time, I do not expect this will not be the last time the arrangement changes

We were hoping to hold our usual October Appraisal meeting, strictly members-only and sanitised within an inch of its life but the circumstances changed as we lost our venue at St Saviours Church Hall. We are hoping to use Hagley Community Centre.

We devised the most elaborate system whereby we could operate digitally using zoom or Facebook but just when we had tied ourselves in cyper knots, someone suggested another venue, the Community Centre at Hagley and finally we will go ahead with that at the November meeting, Friday 13th November 2020. I have to emphasie this is for members only, will have limited numbers and operate on a registered basis, first come, first served.

The eagle eyed among you will notice that November is when we normally hold our Annual Exhibition. We really tried to find a way to stage it but sticking scrupulously to Covid regulations, we felt it would not be how we would have liked it to be, not least asking people to queue outside two metre apart with the potential of driving rain, as we have had in the past!

Instead, we are going to try our hands at staging a virtual exhibition. We have no details yet, but the joy of having a virtual exhibition is it can start any time and finish any time but it definitely won’t be before November. Hopefully, we will be able to say more shortly and the details will appear on our website, Facebook page, and the Hagley Village News as soon as they are available

Socially distanced HAC committee meeting!

But we know that every care needs to be taken so that at the the moment everything we do together apart from the demonstrations now has to be members only as we have to restrict numbers. We will be following Covid restrictions with social distancing and strict cleaning protocol. Everyone will need to wear a mask and we are unable to offer refreshments although everyone is welcome to bring their own

Regarding membership, members joining from 1st September will pay half year membership ie £12.50 which allows them free entry to demonstration meetings, reduced fees for workshops and the opportunity to display and sell their work at Hagley Art Club Exhibitions both actual and virtual. There is a small fee £2.50 per session for Churchill and the numbers are limited to twelve allocated on a rota basis.

New members are always welcome. So if you’ve taken up art whilst stuck at home during lockdown, why don’t you join us and share your enthusiam. We are an amateur organisation so all levels are encouraged, even if you’re an absolute beginner or just experimenting (or of course, absolutely brilliant!) you will find kindred spirits here.

Please contact the club through the website, Facebook page or directly via Sue Merrill on 07831487648

News Update March 2020

February saw a couple of interesting opportunities for members, with the artist Mo Awkati demonstrating the skills for working with coloured pencil and a workshop by Max Hale on pen and wash techniques.  
The coloured pencil demonstration saw a high input of new visitors and the workshop was oversubscribed and will be repeated on Saturday 18th April. This is open to all, but preference is given to members

Annual General Meeting

Just a reminder that it is the club’s AGM this Friday 13th (!) and this is the opportunity for members to have some input into future plans for the club. It has been a year of mixed fortunes with a drop in club membership initially and a much-reduced committee with members having to double up on jobs. This has put quite a strain on them and we are sincerely hoping to get more volunteers in the forthcoming year. On the plus side, we have had some extraordinary demonstrations, well-attended workshops, a “field trip” to Patchings Art Festival, and this all culminated in our best Annual Exhibition for some time, not only in terms of sales and increased takings but also with many compliments about the new cafe-style layout which encouraged more people to linger, chat and admire the works of art.

We would really welcome input from the floor or messages sent prior to the meeting about other activities members might be interested in, particular demonstrations they would like to see or even other changes they think would benefit the club.

Other excitement at the meeting will be the presentation of public choice prizes from the Annual Exhibition, sketchbook displays from some of our especially talented members, an opportunity for a life drawing session (fully clothed I understand though) and the chance to win a year’s club membership worth £25, not to be sniffed at!

Committee members

We will be asking for nominations for committee members at the AGM, anyone is more than welcome to put themselves or someone else forward for any of the existing posts and at the moment the Programmes Manager has no nominees at all and it is one of the most important jobs. The jobs tend to require periods where not a lot has to be done and then periods of frenetic activity, for example, at Exhibition times and we would welcome committee members who would like to just be part of the team and help out with smaller jobs such as poster delivery, from time to time without having to have a heavier commitment. Should anyone wish to put themselves forward for a post, let’s say experience is welcome but not essential as everybody pitches in to help and enthusiasm is much more valued.

We would particularly welcome TECHIES! Anyone with enough technical knowledge to help us upgrade our technical equipment .g.projector and/or troubleshoot other things of that nature

We still do not have a dedicated tea team and so will continue with the rota system for next year unless someone comes up with a better idea.

Membership Renewals

Please note that membership needs to be renewed from April 1st 2020. It still remains an inflation-beating £25 per annum and entitles members to free attendance at monthly demonstrations, preferential treatment and fees for workshops and the opportunity to exhibit with the club on occasions throughout the year. Payment can be made on the evening of the AGM by cash, cheque or card payment or by post.

Pen and Wash Workshops

The pen and wash workshop on Saturday 15th February turned out to be very popular and so was filled to capacity to try to accommodate everyone who wanted to attend. It was more expensive than many of the workshops we have had in the past but we still determined to try and keep the participation costs low. We still have people who were on the waiting list and so have managed to get Max back for a second session on Saturday 18th April, his only free day for the rest of the season. places are filling quickly, so please let Lesley know if you wish to attend. It is open to all but members will be given preference.

For those of us who attended the last session, it certainly was quite an experience, and one I think most of us, however, practised artistically we might consider ourselves, found quite challenging. We nearly all came armed with nicely packed pencil cases, only to be told we only needed a pen, some smooth paper and a limited watercolour palette. No pre-pencil drawing was allowed, no rulers, no eraser, definitely no tracing (note to self Michaelangelo traced, it’s just in this instance it’s taboo) And although there were some barely concealed gasps at first and considerable moaning about not being able to draw a straight line (and that was just me!) we buckled down and worked pretty hard. It was a discipline well applied and learnt and as you can see from the pictures below definitely worth it. (Just some examples – more will appear in the gallery in due course)

News Update January 1st 2020

Firstly, a very Happy New Year to all our members and their families from the Art Club Committee.

We are looking forward to another busy year ahead of us starting with our first demonstration of the year, Colin Jacks demonstrating Japanese Style painting, on 10th January at 7.30 pm

Unfortunately, we have had to cut short our annual winter exhibition at Harvington Hall, due to their refurbishments and next year may be in jeopardy as well. This means our next exhibition isn’t until Russells Hall Hospital in June. If any members have any suggestions for places we could approach (eg libraries) we would definitely consider that.

We have our first Saturday workshop of the year on February 8th. where Max Hale will be introducing the group to pen and wash work. This event has proved to be very popular and is now fully subscribed. if any places become vacant they will be advertised on the website and Facebook page

Next Exhibition

Annual Exhibition
  • 6:30 pm - 4:00 pm
  • Hagley Community Centre

Upcoming Events

Di Cope:Mixed Media
  • 7:30 pm - 9:30 pm
  • Hagley Community Centre
Raya Brown: Magic Wool Art
  • 7:30 pm - 9:30 pm
  • Hagley Community Centre
Mark Warner/Acrylic Seascapes
  • 7:30 pm - 9:30 pm
  • Hagley Community Centre
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