Hello, we’re back! News Update October 2020

It’s been a horrible six months for everyone but now Hagley Art Club has finally decided to dip their toes (or paintbrushes!) in the water and venture out again.

Of course, everything will seem different at first but we are determined to try and make it seem as normal as possible, within the guidelines of course.

To be honest our committee has been back in business for a while, trying out ideas on how we could operate in any way normally, but also safely and within the guidelines. But every time we came up with a plan, the rules changed, and even as I have my fingers poised above the keyboard for the nth time, I do not expect this will not be the last time the arrangement changes

We were hoping to hold our usual October Appraisal meeting, strictly members-only and sanitised within an inch of its life but the circumstances changed as we lost our venue at St Saviours Church Hall. We are hoping to use Hagley Community Centre.

We devised the most elaborate system whereby we could operate digitally using zoom or Facebook but just when we had tied ourselves in cyper knots, someone suggested another venue, the Community Centre at Hagley and finally we will go ahead with that at the November meeting, Friday 13th November 2020. I have to emphasie this is for members only, will have limited numbers and operate on a registered basis, first come, first served.

The eagle eyed among you will notice that November is when we normally hold our Annual Exhibition. We really tried to find a way to stage it but sticking scrupulously to Covid regulations, we felt it would not be how we would have liked it to be, not least asking people to queue outside two metre apart with the potential of driving rain, as we have had in the past!

Instead, we are going to try our hands at staging a virtual exhibition. We have no details yet, but the joy of having a virtual exhibition is it can start any time and finish any time but it definitely won’t be before November. Hopefully, we will be able to say more shortly and the details will appear on our website www.hagleyartclub.co.uk, Facebook page, and the Hagley Village News as soon as they are available

Socially distanced HAC committee meeting!

But we know that every care needs to be taken so that at the the moment everything we do together apart from the demonstrations now has to be members only as we have to restrict numbers. We will be following Covid restrictions with social distancing and strict cleaning protocol. Everyone will need to wear a mask and we are unable to offer refreshments although everyone is welcome to bring their own

Regarding membership, members joining from 1st September will pay half year membership ie £12.50 which allows them free entry to demonstration meetings, reduced fees for workshops and the opportunity to display and sell their work at Hagley Art Club Exhibitions both actual and virtual. There is a small fee £2.50 per session for Churchill and the numbers are limited to twelve allocated on a rota basis.

New members are always welcome. So if you’ve taken up art whilst stuck at home during lockdown, why don’t you join us and share your enthusiam. We are an amateur organisation so all levels are encouraged, even if you’re an absolute beginner or just experimenting (or of course, absolutely brilliant!) you will find kindred spirits here.

Please contact the club through the website, Facebook page or directly via Sue Merrill on 07831487648

Next Exhibition

Annual Exhibition
  • 6:30 pm - 4:00 pm
  • Hagley Community Centre

Upcoming Events

Di Cope:Mixed Media
  • 7:30 pm - 9:30 pm
  • Hagley Community Centre
Raya Brown: Magic Wool Art
  • 7:30 pm - 9:30 pm
  • Hagley Community Centre
Mark Warner/Acrylic Seascapes
  • 7:30 pm - 9:30 pm
  • Hagley Community Centre
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